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  We've come a long way since the early days of medicine , with an unprecedented rise in unpronounceable names of diseases and the need to schedule appointments to get our medical needs taken care of. While a physician's effort is still arduous, he does have a relatively softer condition than the country general practitioner of the past.

In a documentary concerning an urbanized city, a doctor describes the early days of doctors in the area. History shows that the first immigrant to come to the city was a physician. This doctor was at the time on an expedition to explore the opportunities in the community. It was obvious that the area wasn't overloaded with his kind of customers, so he returned to greener pastures and a much more lucrative medical practice.

The doctors who already resided in this scantily populated area were having a difficult time making a living at their profession. Once the civil war came, they got their things together and took off. Doctors in the 1800's were hailed as heroes in that community. Pursuing a career as a doctor was a difficult undertaking for the men (and a few women) of that era. It involved grueling work, no guaranteed salary, and the willingness to toil around the clock, throughout the year. Those that could paid their medical bills, but most simply did not have the funds to do so.

Rarely did a night go by without a hurried summons to a sick bed. The poor doctor , and any nearby neighbors who were asleep, would awaken to sounds of stomping feet on his porch as well as a frantic pounding on the door. In the chilly night hours, the exhausted doctor would have to saddle up his horse or prepare his buggy, for a trip to the home of the afflicted.

Payment was not always made in coin for the country doctor. On numerous occasions, the patients were forced to cover their bill with farm products like corn, or by laboring on behalf of the doctor. Some doctors sold home made medicines as a side business, to supplement their meager payroll. The physician in this documentary was one of these doctors.

Another doctor of that era, with several post graduate honors and degrees, was known to manufacture , advertise, and sell specific cures, as "ethics" back then were not as strict as today. His neuralgia and headaches remedies found a fair amount of takers. At a cost of three doses for ten cents, the patient was guaranteed that his problem would certainly be alleviated in five to twenty minutes.

Other doctors opened their own pharmacies to earn pocket money. The first drugstore to open on a city's main thoroughfare was started by one such enterprising physician. Taking his lead, another three doctors decided to start their own pharmacies as well. Eventually the first hospital was built in the area, which allowed doctors to work in far better conditions; and soon after more and more hospitals were established. The medical community came to have increased professionalism, with its own motto and code of conduct, along with better facilities and education.

Trabzonspor's Salih Dursun (right) shows a red card to referee Deniz Ates Bitnel after a controversial ejection arose during the Turkish Super Lig soccer match between Galatasaray and Trabzonspor in Istanbul on Sunday. Photo: IC

Turkish soccer faced new questions over the credibility of the game on Monday after an anarchic clash between Galatasaray and Trabzonspor ended with just seven players from the Black Sea side on the pitch and one of its players showing the referee a red card.


The Sunday night Super Lig clash between Galatasaray of Istanbul and Trabzonspor of Trabzon - one of the most -venomous rivalries in the Turkish game - was marked by a litany of penalties, ill discipline and poor refereeing.


Trabzonspor had already had two -players sent off by referee Deniz Ates Bitnel when Belgian defender Luis Cavanda was deemed to have brought down Umut Bulut in the penalty box in the 86th minute and was himself dismissed.


Trabzonspor players remonstrated with the referee , and in the fracas Trabzonspor defender Salih Dursun pinched the referee's card red and brandished it in front of Bitnel.


Bitnel then recovered the card, using it to send Dursun off. Selcuk Inan stepped up to score the penalty, winning the game 2-1 for Galatasaray.


"There are messages from all over Turkey, saying 'we are ashamed,'" Trabzonspor Chairman Muharrem Usta said after the game.


"Tonight, Salih Dursun showed the red card to Turkish football. This is not a symbol of rebellion. It is a symbol of rebirth."


Sports daily Fanatik ran the headline "A card that was 100 percent right" above a picture of Dursun showing the red card and listed six major errors the referee made in the game.


Far from sanctioning Dursun, Trabzonspor announced that the club started printing T-shirts showing Dursun making the already iconic gesture for sale in the official shop.


The team was given a hero's welcome by fans when they flew back to Trabzon after the away clash in Istanbul, television footage showed.


Turkish soccer has seen a huge influx of foreign talent in the past several years, and the game saw Netherlands star Wesley Sneijder and Germany's Lukas Podolski turning out for Galatasaray.


But the sport in Turkey remains shadowed by sometimes appalling refereeing , low attendances, the shadow of a 2011 match-fixing scandal and the failure to make any impact in the Champions League.


MADRID, May. 2 (Xinhua) -- Cristiano Ronaldo scored the 25th La Liga hat-trick of his career to steer Real Madrid to a vital 3-2 win away to Sevilla which maintains his side's chances of winning the BBVA Primera Liga title alive.


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